The European approval scheme is based on the concept of "type approval" and put simply; this process provides a mechanism for ensuring that vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards. Because it is not practical to test every single vehicle made, samples representative of a production vehicle are tested as being representative of the "type". For 2nd or 3rd stage build vehicle have to conform to a selection of UNECE regulations, when the vehicles are inspected by our preferred VCA approval agent, they will be issued with a whole vehicle type approval certificate that complies with UNECE 2007/46. This is the best route for companies wanting vehicles built or converted in large volumes and sell them in Europe.

National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA)

This option again is based on the concept of "Type Approval" rather than the individual vehicle approval, probably the disadvantage of this scheme is the limited amount of vehicles to be built is limited to N1 500 N2/3 250, and the costs are not a great difference to ECWVTA costs

Both schemes will necessitate the Production of a Certificate of Conformity

Individual Type Approval (IVA)

If we are converting or building, just a single vehicle or very small numbers of a vehicle types, we use the IVA scheme. The IVA scheme is the least onerous of the approval routes in terms of compliance but involves an individual inspection of each vehicle. Again, this route to approval gives sales rights only within the UK, not automatically throughout the rest of Europe. This route is given an IVA Certificate of approval.

ADS Vehicle Conversions can offer advice on any route to make your vehicles comply with the correct legislation